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snow angel


Removing snow from sidewalks, even running errands and getting around in the snow can be quite difficult for the elderly, or those who have mobility and other health issues. This winter season, please take it upon yourself to help your neighbour and be a “Snow Angel”.

Pick up a “Snow Angel’ log sheet from the Career Centre or download this Snow Angel Log Sheet , get a neighbour or parent to sign the form every time you shovel snow, then return your form at the end of the snowy season.

Friday,  March 1,  2019
Pitt Meadows Elementary Carnival
4:30 – 8:30

Greg Moore Youth Centre
11925 Haney Pl, Maple Ridge, BC
10:30 am – 4:00 pm
Volunteers are needed to assist at the registration booth, greeting and providing direction at the event.
Lunch and a $25 gift card will be provided.
Please see Miss Griffin in the Career Centre, ASAP is you are interested.

May 3, 4 and 5, 2019

Volunteer Opportunities
Staging:   These students physically put the show together; setting up tables and chairs, signs, etc. Hosting:  These students are the faces of information centers at our event.  They answer questions that people attending the show may have as well as the exhibitors. Parking:  These students direct our exhibitors in and out of our back lane during move-in/out, as well as during the event. Marketing:  These students work on our surveys and other marketing projects. Family Fest:  These students work in our Family Fest so they must like kids….  They could be setting up crafts, working with kids building birdhouses, face painting, blowing bubbles the list goes on and on. Kitchen:  Our Home Show culinary department, these students feed all of our various volunteers.  Student Co-ordinator –  This is a demanding position, but they will get the opportunity to see what it takes to put on an event.  This could also be a student who is thinking of going into management of any kind.

We also have student leadership positions in most of the above departments available, these students will lead their teams/department with the guidance of their adult leader.  This is a great opportunity for students looking to go into management or supervisory positions for their future careers.

If you have students who would like more information they can email or if they would like to sign up you can give them this link

Also any feedback, questions or concerns you may have please feel free to contact me directly, Graham Vanstone, Project Co-Ordinator at email: or phone 604-467-3950 ext. 16.

Volunteer with Aquatics
Give back to your community by diving into a volunteer position with Maple Ridge Parks, Recreation and Culture.

E-mail to get started.


Join our Children’s Team
Maple Ridge Park, Recreation & Culture
for more information please visit:


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